Beating the Holiday Blahs (a.k.a. 'Festive AF')

Ah, the Holidays! Do you happen to have a love/hate relationship with them? Stress during this time can be intense and a tad emotional. This video has you covered with strategies to survive them, no matter what holiday you celebrate! 

SAD...It's Not Just an Acronym

SAD…What a fitting acronym for a disorder that can wreak havoc on our life. It’s also how we feel when we struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), right? And like pesky tax season, it keeps coming back year after year. WARNING: Video includes useful tools on managing SAD symptoms!

Back to School Stress

College/university is looming and stress may be creeping up. Or has it already reached DEFCON 1 level? No worries Boo, we’ve got you covered with some simple coping strategies to manage the stress and take care of yourself during the school year.

The Ten Commandments of Mental Health

You need kick ass strategies for managing your mental health, we have them! Watch to learn 10 healthy, "back to basics", daily habits to better deal with the hot mess that life can throw at you. 

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

A quick intro on who we are, and the why and how we became the Chicks Who Swear!


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